Freitag, 8. Februar 2019

Lyght - Electric Motorbike Concept

With the rural exodus increasing, cities will have to face severe problems. One of them will be the decline of space, both, personal and public. Another one, will be a cutback in airquality. By banning the old fuel driven vehicles, metropolitan pollution decreases but streets are still gridlocked.
Equivalent to the custombike- scene, where individualism becomes the new mainstream, Lyght is supposed to be a design- statement for urban lifestyle.
This product does not want to solve any problems, but maybe fulfills an upcoming desire for differentiation.

Thus, the main approach was to coat a new and rapidly evolving electric technology into a new iconic design.

Therefore, the classic tubeframe was substituted by an exoframe resulting in an advanced airfoil like appearance. Moreover, this facilitates the manufacturing process when using fibre reinforced fabrics.
Due to the low focus point, the ride becomes very agile, beeing able to make optimal use of the space left in innercity environements.